5318 - 48th Avenue
Taber, Alberta T1G 1S2


8:30am to 4:30pm, M-F
(Closed 12pm-1pm & Holidays)

Community Housing

Taber & District Housing Foundation has 33 Units in Taber, 1 in Barnwell, and 2 in Vauxhall providing Subsidized Community Housing for families. There is one application process for these facilities.

(Download the Application for Subsidized Community Housing.)

Community Housing Information

  • Housing Type: Family Housing, House, duplex, town houses
  • Structure: House, duplex, town house
  • Description: Two & Three Level
  • Total Units: 33 Units & 3 Special Needs units
  • Square Ft/Unit: varies
  • Criteria:
    • Family unit, related by blood or marriage.
    • Preference given to families with children under the age of 18 years.
    • Within the income threshold
    • Priority given to residents of Taber and area.
    • Canadian Citizen
  • Application:
  • Rent: 30% of gross adjusted income + electricity.
  • Comments:
    • Residents set up their own electricity, and are responsible for paying their own electricity
    • No Pets allowed
    • Waiting list is applicable

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Community Housing Amenities

  • Fridge & Stove included in units
  • Washer & Electric Dryer hookups are available in units
  • All units have fenced back yards

Fire Safety Information

  • In Case of Fire: Call 911
    • Notify your neighbours if possible.
    • Do not go back into a burning building.
  • Smoke Detectors: All housing units are equipped with smoke detectors. Smoke detectors are, for the most part, wired directly to the electricity. (A few detectors are battery powered and they will be labelled by our Maintenance Department.) Smoke detectors are checked each year during the Fall Inspections, and during move in and move outs. Furnaces are serviced at this time also.
  • Triggered Smoke Detectors: Check to see if there is a fire. The most common false alarms are from burning toast or steam from the bathroom.
  • Do Not Disarm: Smoke detectors should NEVER be disarmed for any reason. Incidents should be reported to the TDHF business office at 403-223-2767 for follow-up.

Be Prepared…

  • Prepare An Evacuation Plan: Plan your escape NOW and practice it!
  • Meeting Place: Meeting place is outside at the front of every building so everyone can be accounted for.
  • Personal Property & Liability Insurance: All tenants are required to have adequate personal property and liability insurance.
  • Furnace & Hot Water Heaters: Keep three feet around the furnace and hot water heater free of any material (e.g. newspapers, paint, clothing, etc.)

Maintenance Information

  • Tenant Insurance: We encourage each tenant to have a Tenant Insurance Policy.
    NOTE: See your lease, under ‘Tenant Obligations’, ‘Tenant’s Insurance’.
  • Regular Maintenance: For regular maintenance call 403-308-2846, or call the TDHF business office at 403-223-2767 from Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM.
    NOTE: The degree of urgency should be stressed when you call.
  • Emergency Maintenance: If an EMERGENCY occurs after normal business hours, call 403-308-2846. The answering service will relay the emergency to the appropriate personnel, who are “on call”. If the after hours call is NOT an emergency, a $40.00 maintenance fee will be charged to the tenant.
  • Inspections: Units are inspected once a year. When a tenant moves in or out of a housing unit, the tenant will have the opportunity to inspect the unit together with TDHF staff to determine condition.
  • Furnaces: TDHF maintains the furnaces. Tenants should check the filters and clean/replace them every 3 months. A new filter is supplied by TDHF once a year during fall inspection.
    NOTE: If a furnace quits at any time, the first step should be for you to call ATCO Gas at 1-800-511-3447. ATCO Gas will check the furnace and re-light the pilot if necessary; and then advise if other repairs are necessary, which will be done by the appropriate maintenance staff or contractor.
  • Heat Flow: Keep furniture away from all heating ducts and cold air returns.
  • Hot Water Tank: The hot water tank is designed to handle the requirements of a family of five. It is pre-set, works automatically, and therefore requires little attention.
    NOTE: if the tenant is going away for more than 3 days, please turn the temperature dial at the bottom of the tank to ‘low’.
  • Kitchen Range & Refrigerator: The manuals explaining their operation should be located in the cupboard drawer nearest the range. Please read the cleaning instructions, and keep the appliances up accordingly.
  • Flooring: Must be cleaned on a regular basis. NO WAX!
  • Yard & Sidewalks: If landscape maintenance or snow removal is not kept up to reasonable standards, it will be necessary for TDHF to get the work done, the costs of which will be charged back to the tenant. We ask everyone to help out in keeping all the common areas as clean as possible. Please pick up loose debris. Stop vandalism, or at least report it to the most appropriate authority, be it TDHF or the Town Police. With your cooperation, the entire neighbourhood will benefit.
  • Garbage: All household waste should be properly packed in a plastic bag and placed in the garbage containers. Peak periods, such as moving, can strain container capacity – so please recycle whenever possible.
  • Home Occupations: Anyone wishing to start a business in their home must request approval from TDHF before applying for a Town of Taber Business License.
  • Conclusion: Taber & District Housing Foundation is interested in maintaining all homes to a commendable community standard. Each year a considerable amount of money is spent to provide accommodation that is both affordable and pleasant to live in. Please assist us by doing what you can in order to keep the standard high! Thank you for your cooperation and assistance. Do not hesitate to call our office if you have any questions at 403-223-2767.

Move Out Information

  • Inspections: Please call maitenance (403-308-2846) to arrange for final inspection.
  • Keep Off Grass: Please do not drive vehicles on lawn when loading furniture.
  • Trash:Empty all trash before vacating premises.

Cleaning Units

    • Cleaning The Kitchen:
      • Wash inside and outside of the cupboards
      • Wash countertops
      • Clean the stove (burners, oven and outside)
      • Clean fridge (please leave it plugged in)
      • Clean the floors and walls (especially behind fridge and stove)
    • Cleaning The Bathroom:
      • Clean toilet, bathtub, sink and medicine cabinet
      • Clean walls and floors
    • Cleaning The Rest Of The Unit:
      • Clean all interior and exterior doors
      • Clean light fixtures and relpace any bad bulbs
      • Dust the curtain rods
      • Wash windows and window tracks
      • Carpets must be steam cleaned
      • Wash walls and floors
      • Sweep down walls and floors in basements

NOTE: TDHF charges the Tenant $15/hour if the unit is not cleaned thoroughly. You will not be charged for normal wear and tear.


When you move in, a Maintenance Representative will do the walk through with you, at that time they will go through this form with you, and you both will sign and date the form



(under development)


Check back soon for new Community Housing Handbook.