5318 - 48th Avenue
Taber, Alberta T1G 1S2
8:30am to 4:30pm, M-F
(Closed 12pm-1pm & Holidays)

Clearview Lodge Supportive Living for Seniors

Clearview Lodge has 77 units dedicated to Supportive Living for Seniors.

(Download the Application & Medical Form for Clearview Lodge.)

Clearview Lodge Property Information

  • Address: 4730 50 Ave, Taber, AB
  • Housing Type: Supportive living
  • Structure: Lodge (enhanced care)
  • Description: One level
  • Total Units: 77 Single bedroom units
  • Square Ft/Unit: Range from 200 to 400 sq ft
  • Criteria:
    • 65 years of age or older;
    • Functionally independent;
    • Priority given to residents of Taber and area.
  • Application: Fill out application (Clearview Lodge Application) and medical forms.
  • Rent: 30% of gross adjusted income + a Board Package.
  • Comments:
    • 20 units are for enhanced care;
    • Pets allowed (only if resident is able to care for it);
    • Couple package rates vary.

Clearview Lodge Floor Plan

Clearview Lodge Floor Plan May 2018

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Supportive Living Suite Amenities

  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Resident Parking – $20/month
  • Guest Parking Available
  • Central Kitchen
  • Central Dining Area
  • Social Recreational Area
  • Barber/Beauty Salon
  • Library
  • Craft Room
  • Resident Storage
  • Common Areas/Lounges
  • Resident Laundry Room
  • Cable TV
  • Telephone Service
  • Emergency Call System
  • Fire and/or Smoke Alarm (all units)
  • Individually Controlled Heating
  • Window Coverings
  • Air Conditioning (optional – tenant purchases and installs their own)
  • Computer Accessibility
  • Shuffle Board Table

Clearview Lodge Services

  • Private Furnished Bedroom / Sitting Room with 2- or 3-Piece Baths
  • Window Coverings
  • 3 Meals Served Daily in the Dining Room
  • 24-Hour Snack Bar
  • Weekly Housekeeping
  • Annual Suite Cleaning
  • Weekly Linen & Towel Change
  • Enhanced Lodge Care and/or Care Plans
  • Century Tub (as per care plan)
  • Activities & Recreation Program
  • Deluxe Cable TV Packages
  • 24-Hour Security & Emergency Response

Lodge Living - Video

Trouble viewing this video? Click ->Dolores – Lodge Living<- to see the video directly on YouTube.

Fire Procedures
– visitor & resident

When the Fire Alarm Sounds:

  • The area of fire will be checked & evacuated. All other residents/visitors are to remain in their room & wait for further instructions as to whether total evacuation is required.
  • Remain calm.
  • If you discover smoke or fire, sound the alarm. Pull stations are located in all hallways.
  • It is your responsibility to be familiar with the building and emergency procedure.
  • You should know where the nearest exit doors are located.
  • Remain in the room until instructed to evacuate by the Fire Department Personnel. Be prepared to evacuate on the command of the Fire Department Personnel.
  • If you are in the common area, stay where you are until told to evacuate by Fire Department Personnel.

Report all hazards to appropriate personnel.

Maintenance Information

Maintenance of Suite and Common Areas during Residency

If a Resident is requiring maintenance in their suite they need to inform Housekeeping or the HCAs who will document the request and send it to Maintenance.


The Resident is responsible for the costs of repairing/replacing:

  • Plugged, toilets, sinks, and drains if the repair requires removal for repair and/or if the repair is a result of negligence.
  • Windows, screens, and light fixtures damaged, broken, removed, or destroyed.
  • Burst pipes caused by leaving windows open in cold weather.
  • Damage due to water seepage from sinks or showers as a result of negligence.


The Resident will be responsible to:

  • Keep the premises, including the suite and any common areas, clean, sanitary, and in orderly condition.
  • Promptly report any defect in water, heating, or electrical systems, or any other loss or damage.
  • Ensure hallways and common areas are used for no purpose other than going to and from their suite. The Resident shall not in any way encumber those areas with boxes, furniture, or other materials.
  • Ensure that the suite remains clear of clutter that would impede mobility or deemed a fire hazard.


Repairs for damage caused by resident (or their guests) will be completed or arranged by TDHF. Any associated costs are the responsibility of the resident.

Due care & attention must be given to TDHF furnishings. Any repairs and / or replacements required for damages, over and above what is deemed normal wear & tear, will be at the expense of the resident.


Reference: TDHF Clearview Lodge Residential Tenancy Agreement (Regular Lodge T-45) and (Enhanced Lodge T-44).

Move Out Information

Move Out Inspection of Suite

When the Suite has been vacated, a move-out inspection report is to be completed by management, together with the resident (or responsible party). If the resident or responsible party does not wish to be present during the move-out inspection, they will be advised that Managements decisions on the state of the suite and any associated costs will stand. Move outs will only be conducted during regular business hours.

This applies to new residents and to residents transferring to a different suite.

1) Residents Responsibility when vacating the suite (Note: Refer to #2 and #3 for ADL and Removing of Shelving)

The Resident’s Responsible Party and/or Legal Guardian will be responsible for removing all of the Resident’s belongings, furniture and/or equipment when the Suite is vacated. The Suite must be restored to its original appearance and all restoration work must be completed by TDHF Maintenance Staff. Should the Suite not be restored to its original condition, any charges resulting from this work will be charged to the Resident.

2) Aids to Daily Living (ADL):

Any Aids to Daily Living which have been installed in the suite are to be removed by a TDHF Maintenance employee. All grab bars existing or installed in the suites bathroom will remain upon the resident’s move out.

Any items such as arco rails, saskapoles, raised toilet seats, tub chairs are the responsibility of the resident or family to return to the Occupational Therapy Department at the Taber hospital or to move to the resident’s new place of residency. All installed toilevators will remain in the vacated suite and become the property of TDHF.

3) Removal of Shelving

Should the resident wish to remove shelving he/she will be responsible for all costs associated to the repairing of the affected wall.


Reference: TDHF Clearview Lodge Residential Tenancy Agreement (Regular Lodge T-45) and (Enhanced Lodge T-44)

Welcome to the Clearview Lodge!

At Clearview Lodge you will find everything to make your retirement years comfortable. To help make your stay as pleasant as possible we have provided you with this Lodge Handbook. The Handbook was designed to provide you with as much information as possible and to help answer any questions that you may have.

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